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Magic is more popular than ever before as it is becoming one of the top forms of entertainment to hire at an event.

especially seeing magic on television, programs such as Britain's Got Talent (which had a spin-off show simply just for magicians) America's got talent, Penn & Teller Fool Us, Derren Brown TV specials, and even a big thanks to Dynamo & David Blaine.


If you are planning your wedding and want to keep your guests entertained, maybe organize a corporate event like an awards night and want to WOW your staff & colleagues, or have a small private party and want a stand-up performance for everyone involved.

Then I can make that happen.


Well, first of all, congratulations are in order on getting married; this has to be the biggest day of your life. There is so much to organize and plan, from the choice of venue, photographer, a piper, and even some sort of doughnut and crisp stand, what else am I missing.... ahh yes, ENTERTAINMENT!



I have performed my unique brand of magic for the last 5 years which has had great reactions, Shocked many faces, turned the CEO from skeptical to believing anything is possible, and filled the room with laughter, that's what I can bring and by doing this, it has given me repeated bookings from clients, such as Haven and Nike.


All I need is an audience and I will do the rest. performing things with cards, coins, Rubik's cubes, reading minds, and making predictions, this kind of entertainment works well for birthday parties, anniversaries, bars, garden parties, BBQs, and yes even Hen dos.

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